questions to ask people

questions to ask people
  • of all the things that you do, what do you think you do best? what do you think you do worst?
    • of all the things that i do, what am i worst at?
  • where do you go to find people who think well?
  • what do you want?
    • what do you want?
  • what are you most wrong about?
  • what are some of the most important problems in your field? are you working on them? why/why not? (the hamming question)
  • if you were put into a room with everyone you’ve ever known, who would you seek out first? (h/t blake)
  • what something weird or unusual you did early on in life?
  • given what we've talked about,
    • what questions should i be asking you?
    • what questions would you ask yourself, if you were in my position?
    • who else should i talk to? could you make an intro?
  • what have i done worst in this conversation? what's been most rude, or annoying, or unkind, or idiotic, etc etc?
  • untested ones below — i can't personally vouch that they work well. half are stolen from tyler cowen's "talent"
    • what blogs or sub Reddit do you read?
    • what tabs do you have open on your browser right now?
    • if we became friends, and then 3 to 6 months later, we stopped being friends, why would that be?
    • pet projects you’re working on?
    • what is something esoteric that you do?
    • the world is a market, so what is your edge?
    • what part of your life are you most unhappy about?
    • what thoughts do you flinch from?
    • of the various nonconsensus opinions you probably have, what's the most important one?

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