Who are you?

  • Saul Munn;
  • I'm a philosophy undergrad;
  • I'm currently taking a semester year off to run OPTIC, Manifest, and some other stuff too [links forthcoming, can't say yet!]; and,
  • Go to my personal website if you want to know more mundane details about me, like where I go to college and what I look like.

Why "Brass Tacks"?

Four reasons:

  1. It's a cool, quirky idiom, sounds vibey, etc;
  2. It means "details of immediate practical importance." I'm deluding myself into thinking I write details of immediate practical importance, despite how remote, impractical, and unimportant they actually are;
  3. Joey Pendleton first introduced me to the phrase. He uses it a lot. I deeply respect and admire him, and the name is partly a tribute to him. and,
  4. The titular character of a TV show who decided he'd better call himself my name apparently uses it quite often. I've never watched the show, but Jack Such pointed this out to me and I thought it was hilarious.

How can I contact you?