Link Collection: Impact Markets

Link Collection: Impact Markets

0. Readme (or don't)

  • This is not a literature review. I'll vouch for links with an associated archived link, author name, and summary, but not the others.
  • Last updated: Dec 2023

1. Overviews

2. Subtopics

  • Altruistic equity allocation (a), Paul Christiano
    • Original proposal of allocating altruistic equity. Somewhat technical.
  • Certificates of impact (a), Paul Christiano
    • Original proposal of impact certificates. Somewhat out-of-date with current work. Somewhat technical.
  • Impact markets may incentivize predictably net-negative projects (a), Ofer and Owen Cotton-Barratt
    • Describes how impact markets can incentivize funding some types of projects that have clear negative expected impact. Argues that impact markets may exhibit the behavior of those types of projects, and therefore that impact markets should never be funded on impact markets.

3. Implementations

Last updated: December 2023

5. Other resources

Places that curate content on impact markets


Note: the following people haven't (necessarily) consented to being contacted nor placed on this list; I've compiled this list myself.

Note 2: if you want to get ahold of any of these people but for some reason can't, contact me.

This post originally came from a comment I left on a bounty for charity money to help someone out with an undergrad paper.

*COI: I’ve done some work for, might do some more work for, and own a tiny bit of equity in Manifold, the parent company (?) of Manifund. I'm writing this independent of any work I'm currently doing or planning to do for Manifold or for any other entity. I just think the ideas are cool.

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